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“Movement is medicine”-セラピスト/治療家が動きを学ぶ必要性について


かなり前の話になりますが、僕は去年の7月15日〜27日までの2週間、ジャイロトニックのファウンデーションコースを受けました。きっかけとしては一昨年にドイツの理学療法士でもあるUwe HerbstreitさんのGyrotonic-Therapeutic Applicationと言うコースの通訳をして『これは絶対にセラピーに取り入れられる!』と確信したからです。

ではそもそもなぜにジャイロトニックを受けようと思ったかと言うと、”Movement is medicine”と信じているからです。

医学の父として知られるヒポクラテスの宣言に”First, do no harm” “(患者さんにとって)害になるようなことをしてはいけない”とありますが、 これはどういう意味なのでしょうか?これは医師が治療を施すにあたって、害を与えるようなことをしてはいけない。また薬には基本、副作用があるのでその妥当性を見極めて処方をするべきと言う事なのです。













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Happy New Year!!

Hi everyone!

How did you all spend the New Year holidays this year? Did you stay at your house, or did you go back to your hometowns to see your families? Here in Japan, many people visit their parents to have a special kind of meal together called Osechi, and to get Otoshidama, or money, which is a custom to give all children in the family on New Year’s Day in small decorated envelopes. Since we have been at my in law’s house every year since we came back to Japan, this year we decided to go to Nagano, where we were so lucky to be able to stay at a friend’s house and to go skiing. I had been looking forward to this for quite some time;)

new year's breakfast  ski slope

As we have already finished the first week of this new year, I thought it would be appropriate to reflect on 2012, and also think about a plan for 2013. I don’t know about you, but for me the past year went by especially fast. More so than other years. 2012 included a lot of courses for me professionally, which helped me a lot with changing my body, both in terms of flexibility and in the way I look and feel. It started out with my certification course for GYROTONIC® in January, which I ended up wishing I had prepared myself more for. I couldn’t move as well as I wanted, so when I found out that the same teacher I had for that course was coming back in December to do a GYROTONIC® level 2 course, I decided to prove to myself and him that I could change and be able to move a lot better within one year. I can happily say that I reached my goal! I took the 3-day  preparation courses for level 2 in June and October respectively, which helped me to get ready for the quite challenging 8-day course in December. With many more acrobatic looking movements than in level 1, I wasn’t sure whether my body would be able to perform these exercises, but as with most things, you never know unless you try! One thing that I believed helped me a lot was learning basic ballet from my friend in exchange for English lessons.  Another thing I never thought I was able to do before.

Level 2 course

As for 2013, although I will take some courses to keep learning and improving my skills as a Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis instructor, my main goal is to work on and refine the skills I already have, as well as to get more organized and establish daily habits both in my job and personal life. There! I said it. Now that it is put down in words, there is no other way but following through. Up until recently, I was always in a rush to reach for something higher all the time, thinking that that is what I needed to do in order to survive. Although I know the importance of continually learning and growing, a very special person made me realize this past summer that it is okay to take time for this, and that I don’t need to be in a rush. This really hit home with me, and made me feel as if a lot of weight had been taken off my shoulders. That is why for this year 2013, instead of striving for something higher, I am going to take my time to hone the skills that I have, and to establish routines that will help set things up for more success in the future.

How about you? What is your plan for this new year that we have already started? Any new skills to attain, or current ones that you want to keep working on? I would love to hear about it in the comments below!


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An update of recent life-changing “events”…

Hi everyone!

I am sorry for taking so long to follow up on my last post, where I talked about my “Crazy Sexy Diet” experience. It has now been a month and a half already since I finished the 21-Day cleanse, and I have to say that going through it was the best thing I could have ever done. It helped me to get started with the change I needed in my life. Although, I have to admit that I am no longer following as strict of a diet as I did with the cleanse. However, I am eating less meat and more vegetables than I used to, and using only soy milk with my cereal, as well as having no regular coffee at home. Although, I do drink it when I am out. Even though I am not as strict with my diet now, I notice myself craving less and less meat, and I feel that I will naturally move towards a more vegetarian or plant-based diet. I realized that the key here is the word “naturally”. Anytime we try to force ourselves to do anything, whether it is regards to our diet or something else, it just never goes well, as I am sure you have experienced.
Right after finishing the cleanse, I did a 3 day GYROTONIC® Level 2 preparation course with Authorized Master trainer Erika Hassan, which was a really fun and wonderful experience. I cannot tell you how happy I am that I did the cleanse before the course started. Had I not did it, I know I wouldn’t have been able to move as well, and my body probably wouldn’t have made the changes that it did. Although there is a limit to how much you can change in just 3 days, I felt that I passed my previous threshold on the last day, and am moving a little better than I used to:) What also helped this change to take place, I feel, was the fact that my mind was more clear and open towards new information after I did the cleanse. It is hard to explain, but I felt that I was ready to receive the stimulus to change.

Another thing that has helped my body to feel even better is spending more time in nature. Being lucky enough to work right next to the biggest park in Tokyo, I have been taking my groundsheet with me between sessions, and connecting with the earth and the green environment. I started this because I learned about a really interesting book called “Earthing”, which talks about the health benefits of connecting directly to the ground with your bare feet. By doing this, your body receives the healing energy from the surface of the earth, which automatically reduces inflammation in the body. I will talk more in detail about the book in a later post, but I can tell you now that I am feeling the effects of this with my own body! It is really amazing! And best of all, it is free! I have gone to Yoyogi park feeling a little pain with my neck and shoulder, and after lying down on the grass for 30 minutes to an hour, the pain went away! You should really try it for yourself. Even if you don’t have any pain, I can guarantee that you will feel more energized and refreshed afterward!

Have you ever read a book that totally changed the way you look at things? Well, I recently have been reading a series of books from an author called James Redfield, which is the most life-changing books I have ever read. What he writes about is something that I believe is very true, and it has helped me to realize many things about my own life and how I view things. Because the way I think has changed from reading these books, I can also feel my body changing as well. It is very interesting, and the first time I have experienced this. I will use another blog post to explain what his books talk about. Until then, I hope everyone is having a great summer!


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PLC モジュール1&Mixer@ナチュラルフローを終えて



そして昨日はMixerと言うイベントがありましたが、まず自分が関節運動反射のデモをさせて頂き、身体にスペース、またピラティスやジャイロトニックで重視しているOppositional length tension(反対方向に引っぱり合う力を出しつつ長さを身体に出すこと)がどれだけ脳にとって重要かを説明しました。ただ昨日はZ-healthで学んだこと以外に自分がクライアントさんを施術する中で気付いた事もシェアさせて頂きました。



ちなみに6週間前に発売された本 Fascia: The Tensional Network of the Human Body: The science and clinical applications in manual and movement therapy, 1e には『ピラティスと筋膜』のようなタイトルでマリジョゼ先生が寄稿しています。ボディワーカーの方にとっては必読書だと言っていたので近い内に注文したいと思います。またMixerの前のワークショップでは上記の本に『ジャイロトニックと筋膜』と言う章を設けるべきだと言っていました!



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GYROKINESIS® friends;)

It is Golden week in Japan, which means that most people take a series of days off for vacation. Being an independent worker, however, there is no such thing as public holidays unless we decide so ourselves. This year is the first time I have actually taken a few days off to get away from Tokyo.

I took my GYROKINESIS® Final Certification together with Madoka Maruyama, and have since become friends with her. Madoka is a former ballet dancer, and is now teaching both ballet, GYROKINESIS®, and GYROTONIC® methods. She has her own GYROTONIC® tower at her family’s second house in Nagano, and we have been talking about visiting there since the Final Certification course last September. I was so happy that I could finally make it a reality for Golden week!:) Coming from a really small place in Norway where there are mountains and ocean everywhere, one of the things I really miss by being in Tokyo is being able to go outside in nature whenever I want. I like the mountains especially, and would go hiking by myself from time to time when I lived in Norway. For some reason, this has been my “holy time” if you will, where I can be by myself, or just get away from the noise in daily life. In Nagano, our plan was to go skiing, but since the weather has been been warm there, we instead went on a hike both around a lake, and then the next day on a mountain quite far out in the countryside of Nagano. It was so wonderful to see stars again, feel the fresh air, and to drink clear water from the mountain river. I just love it! I hope to go there again!:)

Today I also had the chance to attend a GYROKINESIS® class by another teacher who I took almost the whole certification with, except for the first part, the pre-training course. Kana Yamane teaches both yoga and GYROKINESIS®, and I have been wanting to take her class for some time now. To be honest, when I first met Kana during the foundation course, I was more than a little intimidated by the way she moves. If you have a chance to take her class, you will know what I mean;) She literally seems to be able to bend and twist in any direction! Although I know it will take years for me to get there (if I ever will), she is a great person to look up to and aspire to.  Since last year, Kana has started collaborating with a local cafe called Kukoro (くころ), and today was the 3rd time to have the event there. After the GYROKINESIS® class, we had a great lunch together with all the other attendees, and the owner of the cafe. It felt great to follow somebody else’s instruction to move, and although I didn’t know any other of the attendees (except my husband), we laughed a lot and had an overall great time!

I guess taking time to refresh and do something different is really important, right? (Although we know this is true, we don’t really get it until we try it)

Enjoy the rest of your Golden week!


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New GYROKINESIS® DVD’s soon to be released!

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to be the model for the re-making of the GYROKINESIS® Japan DVD cover. There are 3 DVD’s that have been on sale here in Japan since 2007; a start-up 20 minutes program, a 40 minutes program and a 60 minutes program for people who want to get to know about, or practice GYROKINESIS® at home.

For the past few years, however, the DVD’s have been sold out, but are now available again starting May 23rd. You can now pre-order any of the 3 DVD’s, or the whole set. The content of the DVD’s are the same as before, showing follow-along exercises led by the only 2 Master trainers in Japan, Akemi Inoue, and Etsuko Yamazaki.

It was a new and fun experience for me to be a model for the cover photos. It was quite hard to be in the same position with my body for long periods of time as the photographers did little tweaks here and there to make sure they got the pictures that they wanted. I was really sore the day after!

As my athletic background is in soccer, not dance, I got interested in the GYROKINESIS® and GYROTONIC® methods because I wanted to become flexible, and be able to move better. The first course that I took was the Pre-training course for GYROKINESIS®, which is a 6-day course that focuses on teaching you all the exercises in detail. It is a very intensive course, and I felt exhausted every day after moving for about 6 hours straight! When I first entered the course I wasn’t all sure if I had made the right decision, but after the 6 days I was completely shocked about how much my body had changed, especially my legs. Being a soccer player all my life, I had become really inflexible, especially with my hips, and I had been thinking that this would be impossible to change.  However, after those 6 days, I really started believing that I could become flexible, and since then, I have been totally in love with the GYROKINESIS® and GYROTONIC® exercise systems. They are helping to change my life!


GYROTONIC and GYROKINESIS are registered trademarks of Gyrotonic Sales Corp and are used with permission.

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