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ちなみに私達二人が4月から働く場所も代々木公園にあるSpace Serendipityです。



”the fact of something interesting or pleasant happening by chance”

自分自身はZ-health Movement Re-education/Integration Specialist、そしてMuscle Activation Techniques (MAT)と言う2つのメソッドを中心に施術/コンディショニングをしている身体の専門家ではありますが、施術をすればするほど身体と心の相関性、そしてそれらが様々な事象により影響しているのを知りました。ですから読者の方にはそんな自分の視点を共有させて頂けたらと思っています。






Hello Everyone,

Welcome to our new blog!

My husband and I would like to share with you our thoughts and experiences related to different topics here in Japan.

We decided to call our blog “Serendipity”.

If you look up the word “Serendipity” in Wikipedia, the definition is “the property of making fortunate discoveries while looking for something unrelated”. Another defintion from the Oxford English dictionary is “the fact of something interesting or pleasant happening by chance”.

As you may have experienced, life’s happiest, most interesting, or fun moments often happen when you least expect it. They cannot be planned, or at least not 100%. They often take place while you are searching for something totally different, or sometimes when you are not searching at all. These moments could be the trigger to lifelong changes with you, whether it is the way you see the world or something specific in it, or the way you live your life.

One example could be finding the love of your life, as we often find it when we are not searching;) Many people call these moments pure “luck”, but I believe they are the results of years of preparation, mostly without being aware of it. Just as Oprah Winfrey defines “luck”; it is the matter of preparation meeting the opportunity.

Through reading our blog, we hope that we can help you to attract, or be the first step in the process of attracting even the smallest experience of serendipity, whether it is through creating a new awareness, or learning something unexpected that will help you to attract new and exciting moments in your life. This is our wish!

We hope you will enjoy reading!


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