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Hi! My name is Kristine Ara.  I was born in Norway, but have spent the last five years of my life in Tokyo, where I live with my Japanese husband and best friend ( He is the guy writing this blog with me). My work and passion is Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis. I simply LOVE these movement systems,  and I LOVE being able to share them with people like you. I also like to read inspirational books, watch dance performances, go hiking, and wear kimono from time to time (that’s right). I really enjoy learning about new things, and I want to share my experiences and insights that I get both through my work and through leisure here with you on this blog. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Hi!  My name is Kazutaka Ara.  I was born, and grew up here in Japan,  but I spent almost 10 years of my life in the States right after High School. I love the big WHY question, and kind of have to find the answer to everything I don’t know.  I have a passion for the human body, and for helping people discover new and better ways of moving, as well as showing them how to make use of it in their own lives. Also, considering how much being able to speak English have changed my life, and how many doors it has opened for me, I would love to inspire other Japanese to learn to speak English as well. With that in mind, I truly hope that you get lots of benefits and ideas from reading this blog that I share with my wife.

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