An update of recent life-changing “events”…

Hi everyone!

I am sorry for taking so long to follow up on my last post, where I talked about my “Crazy Sexy Diet” experience. It has now been a month and a half already since I finished the 21-Day cleanse, and I have to say that going through it was the best thing I could have ever done. It helped me to get started with the change I needed in my life. Although, I have to admit that I am no longer following as strict of a diet as I did with the cleanse. However, I am eating less meat and more vegetables than I used to, and using only soy milk with my cereal, as well as having no regular coffee at home. Although, I do drink it when I am out. Even though I am not as strict with my diet now, I notice myself craving less and less meat, and I feel that I will naturally move towards a more vegetarian or plant-based diet. I realized that the key here is the word “naturally”. Anytime we try to force ourselves to do anything, whether it is regards to our diet or something else, it just never goes well, as I am sure you have experienced.
Right after finishing the cleanse, I did a 3 day GYROTONIC® Level 2 preparation course with Authorized Master trainer Erika Hassan, which was a really fun and wonderful experience. I cannot tell you how happy I am that I did the cleanse before the course started. Had I not did it, I know I wouldn’t have been able to move as well, and my body probably wouldn’t have made the changes that it did. Although there is a limit to how much you can change in just 3 days, I felt that I passed my previous threshold on the last day, and am moving a little better than I used to:) What also helped this change to take place, I feel, was the fact that my mind was more clear and open towards new information after I did the cleanse. It is hard to explain, but I felt that I was ready to receive the stimulus to change.

Another thing that has helped my body to feel even better is spending more time in nature. Being lucky enough to work right next to the biggest park in Tokyo, I have been taking my groundsheet with me between sessions, and connecting with the earth and the green environment. I started this because I learned about a really interesting book called “Earthing”, which talks about the health benefits of connecting directly to the ground with your bare feet. By doing this, your body receives the healing energy from the surface of the earth, which automatically reduces inflammation in the body. I will talk more in detail about the book in a later post, but I can tell you now that I am feeling the effects of this with my own body! It is really amazing! And best of all, it is free! I have gone to Yoyogi park feeling a little pain with my neck and shoulder, and after lying down on the grass for 30 minutes to an hour, the pain went away! You should really try it for yourself. Even if you don’t have any pain, I can guarantee that you will feel more energized and refreshed afterward!

Have you ever read a book that totally changed the way you look at things? Well, I recently have been reading a series of books from an author called James Redfield, which is the most life-changing books I have ever read. What he writes about is something that I believe is very true, and it has helped me to realize many things about my own life and how I view things. Because the way I think has changed from reading these books, I can also feel my body changing as well. It is very interesting, and the first time I have experienced this. I will use another blog post to explain what his books talk about. Until then, I hope everyone is having a great summer!


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  1. #1 by henriette haug on August 16, 2012 - 7:37 pm

    I have experienced something slightly similar. If I study in the morning, before eating, I consentrate easier than if I eat first. Especially if I eat bread. That might also be due to food allergies on my side, but I don’t know a lot about my allergies yet, so I cant guarantee that it has anything to do with that. Also, I have more energy when I eat more vegetables, and less bread and meat (Although I eat some meat or fish every day).

    • #2 by serendipitybodywork on August 21, 2012 - 9:02 pm

      Hi Henriette,

      Thank you for sharing! I also find myself having more energy when eating only vegetables. I think that is why I am craving less and less meat. I simply don’t need it as much.

      Det verka litt rart å svar deg på engelsk:) Arti at du lœs bloggen min! Eg håpa du finn nokka som e interessant:)

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